Frequently Asked Questions

At SH Electrical Group, we get a few common questions about our services or electrical safety, that we have provided easy to find answers to below.


1. Is there a call out fee?

No - we have a straightforward pricing for the job at hand with $0 call out fees.

2. Who will attend the job to complete electical work?

Only a qualified and licensed electrician has great experience and skills will attend any job booked with SH Electrical Group.

3. Which areas do you service?

SH Electrical Group provides electrical services throughout Sydney, NSW. For a full list of areas click here.

4. Do you offer free quotes?

Yes - we are more than happy to discuss the job required and will provide you with a detailed free quote.

5. Why should I choose SH Electrical Group?

At SH Electrical Group we strive for excellence and guarantee you a job well done!

6. What is a short circuit and what causes it?

A short circuit is a situation when electrical current flows down the wrong path with very little / no resistance which can cause serious damage, fire or even a small explosion. 

A number of factors can lead to a short circuit, such as water/liquid contact, faulty insulation, loose connections, screws or nails, abnormal current buildup or even pests chewing through the wires.

7. Why do my circuit breakers keep tripping?

Poor wiring, a faulty appliance or short circuit can keep tripping your circuit breakers - we need to come out to troubleshoot and fault find your electrical system to resolve a tripping circuit breaker.

8. Why do my lights keep blowing out?

A faulty light switch, power point or wiring may cause your lights to keep blowing. Our licensed electricians can assist you into finding the root cause.

9. Are LED lights worth it?

Yes - LED lights are definitely worth the upgrade as they are long-lasting, give off very little heat, are environmentally friendly and very energy efficient, saving you money in the long run!

10. What causes an electrical shock?

Naked wiring, incorrect repairs or faulty appliances may cause electrical shocks. Call our licensed electricians ASAP to inspect your power points and wiring to prevent anyone suffering an electrical shock at your home or business,

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